Georgia Environmental Protection Division Director Withdraws Air Permit for Proposed Longleaf Coal-Fired Plant. New Permit Hearing Date is Set.
Written by Flint Riverkeeper Editor-in-Chief

Georgia Environmental Protection Division Director Withdraws Air Permit for Proposed Longleaf Coal-Fired Plant. New Permit Hearing Date is Set.


Atlanta - Notification was issued on Thursday, May 27th by Georgia Environmental Protection Division Director, F. Allen Barnes, to Longleaf Energy Associates, LLC that the Air Quality Permit issued April 9, 2010 for its proposed "Longleaf Energy Facility" in Early County has been withdrawn.  The administrative law judge assigned to the case signed an order approving the withdrawal and case "dismissal" on Wednesday, June 2, 2010. 

The New Jersey-based Longleaf Energy Associates were originally issued a permit for the Early County facility in May 2007, but allowed that permit to expire. The April 9th permit "extension" was appealed by Flint Riverkeeper and two members Don Lambert and Walter Lee. The basis for the appeal was a violation of Georgia administrative law that requires permit extensions to include upgraded technology and/or a new permit application. Although EPD Director Barnes stated in his letter to Longleaf that he does not agree with the legal argument that the public comment process for the amended permit was inadequate and faulty, his decision to withdraw the permit was to "provide the public with notice and another opportunity to comment on the permit amendment."

Flint Riverkeeper and its membership are preparing for the new permit hearing scheduled at the Early County High school for 6:30pm on Thursday, July 1, 2010. EPD will accept written comments until July 6th. Flint Riverkeeper will continue to fight the siting of the Longleaf coal-fired plant in Early County in an effort to protect Southwest Georgia families, farms, businesses, recreation and rivers.  

Charles Stripling, Flint Riverkeeper Board member and Mitchell County landowner, was previously quoted, "Flint Riverkeeper cares about the people of Southwest Georgia. Riverkeeping is about people as much as it is about 

Gordon Rogers, Riverkeeper and Executive Director stated, "For today, we can celebrate the fact that our argument carried the day:  illegal shortcuts to a permit that would pollute on a massive level, use huge amounts of water, unfairly compete for economic opportunity , and disallowed public input are unacceptable. We stand vigilant, watchful of the carefully crafted legal maneuvers by counsel for the project, and government bureaucrats. The core arguments in our complaint remain in the face of the current maneuver, and our cultural and economic arguments remain overwhelming."  

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