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News & Press
Written by Flint Riverkeeper Editor-in-Chief

Flint River-related News

June 2018   Flint Riverkeeper response to the second spill
June 2018   Crews respond to sewage spill in downtown Albany
June 17, 2018   Crews working to clean up after weekend sewage spill in Downtown Albany
June 4, 2018   Flint Riverkeeper celebrates 10th anniversary
June 2, 2018   Flint Riverkeeper celebrates legacy-building decade
June 2018   Flint RiverKeeper celebrates 10 years of work across the state
May 27, 2018   Flint Riverkeeper to celebrate 10th anniversary
May 26, 2018   Raw, untreated sewage spills into the Flint River
May 18, 2018   Flint Riverkeeper prepares to open store in downtown Albany
March 10, 2018   Fishing tournament raises funds for Flint Riverkeeper
February 2, 2018   Flint Riverkeeper moving to downtown Albany
November 28, 2017   Riverkeepers ask court to shut down Sabal Trail pipeline
October 2, 2017   RiverKeeper to benefit from upcoming Float on Flint
September 8, 2017   Volunteers clean up the Flint - Dozens participate in annual MillerCoors, Riverkeeper event
July 11, 2017   Environmental Leaders Tour Flint
May 16, 2017   Flint Riverkeeper lawsuit against TenCate moves forward
Apr 26, 2017   Flint River Rhythm music event set for Saturday to benefit Flint Riverkeeper
February 14, 2017   Flint Riverkeeper says "Water Wars" ruling does little to protect waterway

Flint River Press Releases

November 8, 2017   Water And Agriculture In Georgia - Report Highlights Trends, Opportunities to Avoid Water Wars
May 13, 2015   ACF Stakeholders Sustainable Water Management Plan - View PDF
May 13, 2015   ACF Stakeholders Agree On Sustainable Water Management Plan
August 12, 2014   Flint Riverkeeper Raises Odor and Illegal Discharge Concerns about Tencate Textile Facility
March 7, 2011   Flint Riverkeeper and Southwest Georgia Citizens Continue The Appeal Against The “Longleaf” Coal-fired Power Plant in Early County
February 2, 2011   Flint Riverkeeper Disappointed with Judge's Ruling on the "Longleaf" Coal-Fired Plant in Early County
January 30, 2011   Keeping the Flint Safe
January 28, 2011   2011 Legislative Review
December 9, 2011   Flint Riverkeeper® and Southwest Georgia Citizens Appeal Longleaf Coal-Fired Facility Permit
October 11, 2011   Georgia Water Coalition Commercial Calls Voter Attention to Important Water Issues
August 13, 2010   Author Reading and Conservation Training
June 4, 2010   Georgia Environmental Protection Division Director Withdraws Air Permit for Proposed Longleaf Coal-Fired Plant.  New Permit Hearing Date is Set.
May 10, 2010   Flint Riverkeeper and Southwest Georgia Citizens Appeal the Issuance of Permit to Build the “Longleaf” Coal-fired Plant in Early County
April 30, 2010   Reservoir Project Approved by Georgia Legislature Threatens Tristate Negotiations
March 11, 2010   Legislature Shows Unprecedented Support for Fair and Equitable Sharing of Georgia Water
August 6, 2009   Board of Directors of Flint Riverkeeper® announced Gordon Rogers will become the Riverkeeper® and Executive Director of Flint Riverkeeper®