About Us

Board and Staff

Board of Directors

Mark Adams

Farmer, Camilla

Les Ager

Retired DNR Fisheries biologist, Hawkinsville

Ellen Cardin

Retired Food Scientist, Williamson 

Phyllis Crumb

Sales, Albany

David Dixon

Retired Environmental and Sustainabilty Engineer, Leesburg 

Tim Gerard

Retired Attorney, Marshallville

Col. Ross Harrison (USA, retired)

Flint Community Bank V.P., Albany

Woody Hicks

retired hydrologist, Albany

Elliott Jones

retired USGS hydrologist, Atlanta

Ted Lee

Land owner, Bainbridge

Mike Greene

Evergreen Propane owner and farmer, Thomaston

Janet Morgan Mapel

Retired Educator, Woodbury

Dr. Tripp Morgan

Vascular Surgeon and Business Owner, Albany

Polly Sattler

Sustainability and Environmental Policy Expert, Senior Sustainability Planner, Atlanta

Dwight Sheppard

GIS Manager at F&W Forestry, Albany

Ed Wetherbee

CPA, Albany

Christopher Worsham

Farmer, Camilla

Emeritus Board of Directors

Warren Budd

2011-2014, Newnan

Paul DeLoach

2008-2015, Andersonville

Fred Granitz

2012-2017, Meansville

Spencer Lee

2008-2012, Albany

Brown Moseley

2012-2017, Bainbridge

Marilyn Royal

2010-2016, Camilla

Mike Smith

2011-2017, Macon

Jim Butler

2008-2011, Columbus

Glenn Dowling

2008-2014, Covington

Jenni Harris

2011-2014, Bluffton

Stan Lumsden

2009-2012, Peachtree City

Hal Rahn

2015-2020, Griffin

Robin Singletary

2008-2015, Hopeful

Charles Stripling

2008-2013, Camilla

Richard Candler

2015-2021, Sewanee, TN

Cliff Elliott

2012-2018, Manchester

Rick Huckaby

2012-2017, Scaly Mountain, NC

Truitt Mallory

2014-2017, Thomaston

Mark Redden

2008-2013, Albany

Glenn Sinquefield

2008-2014, Albany

Mark Woodall

2008-2013, Woodland

Flint Riverkeeper Staff

R.J. Gipaya

Watershed Field Specialist, Americus
Cell: 706-975-1687

Gordon Rogers

Riverkeeper and Executive Director, Ypsilanti
Cell: 912-223-6761

Jessica Rutledge

Operations Coordinator, Albany
Office: 229-435-2241

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